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Holocaust Memorial Garden

In 1969 Temple Beth Am engaged artist David Holleman to create a 77 square foot mosaic as a memorial to the Holocaust.  It consists of multiple themes which can be appreciated as you look at it.  The lower portion depicts the Jews trapped in Europe.  There are many Jewish symbols depicting ceremonies as well as religious themes of Jewish life.  There are also visions of European ghettoes and their destruction.  There is a feeling of hope as Old Jerusalem is pictured on the right and the future on the left.

The Memorial also embodies a granite Star of David with names of major concentration camps with an everlasting light dedicated to the 6,000,000 which we must never forget.

In January, 2019 the individual parts were broken down and brought to Canton.  After a Congregational commitment we began restoring, repairing and rededicating the Memorial. The Holocaust Memorial Garden was rededicated on September 15, 2019.

Wed, May 22 2024 14 Iyyar 5784