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Israel Affairs

The B’nai Tikvah community is horrified and saddened by the ongoing attacks by Hamas on Israel. The death toll is staggering, and each of those numbers represents an entire world lost. We mourn those who have been killed, and pray for the healing of those injured and the safe return of the hostages, as well as for the continued safety of all those who are in harm’s way.

On this page, you will find a list of reliable sources for news about the war in Israel, a list of charitable organizations that need donations right now, and information about upcoming and past rallies and events in support of Israel. Many of these were suggested by our community members; please continue to send us information about organizations and upcoming events.


For timely updates on the situation, you may wish to subscribe for emails from the following organizations:

Combined Jewish Philanthropies

Anti-Defamation League

United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism's Israel Resources

Israeli news sources:

The One Minute a Day Initiative:  Sign up to get details on how to call your local representative as well as the White House, asking they do everything they can to free the hostages. The calls are logged, and numbers count! It takes less than one minute a day to make an impact.


  • Magen David Adom, which we highlighted during our High Holiday Appeal, is doing important work on the ground in Israel, and they are taking donations.
  • United Hatzalah is sending medical aid, including protective gear for front-line medics, to Israel.
  • CJP: Combined Jewish Philanthropies - Israel Emergency Fund
  • Israel Gives - An Israeli-organized crowdfunding effort to get IDF soldiers and reservists the supplies they need.
  • Jewish Federations of North America Israel 2023 Emergency Fund
  • One Family Fund - Comprehensive support services to victims of terror and their families.
  • Herzog's Israel Center for the Treatment of Psychotrauma - Therapeutic support for victims of terror and other trauma.
  • Asuta Hospital near Gaza Border - Donations will cover a variety of medical emergency equipment.
  • Emergency support for IDF frontline gear - soldiers on the frontline now faced with shortage of life-saving gear: Bulletproof vests & helmets. Hundreds of thousands of reservists have been mobilized to the front line. Every ceramic vest and helmet is $500.
  • ZAKA Search & Rescue - Highly-trained and experienced Israeli organization that offers immediate, emergency after any terrorist attack.
  • Soroka Medical Center is receiving many of the casualties from the attacks on Israel and needs donations.
  • HelpUp: Friends, a congregant's son, Aaron, joined the IDF as a Lone Soldier following college to protect the State of Israel.  During the current situation, his brethren are tasked with defending the country they love but unfortunately they have not been provided all the necessary protective gear they need to do their jobs.  Please consider making a donation using the link so that his unit can buy the protective eyeglasses, knee pads, tactical helmets, tactical shirts and 100 liter bags, to name a few of the items they so desperately need. Please note in the comment “Tzevet Aaron” so that the donation goes directly to his unit.


    The children in our religious school want to organize a drive for food and supplies to be sent to Israel. Right now, we're hearing from Israelis that nonperishable food items like protein bars are welcome, and they also need power banks, which can recharge phones and electronic devices for long periods if and when the power goes out. These are particularly needed for those who have been called up for military service to remain in contact with their loved ones. We are investigating how best to get such items to Israel, and as soon as we have a way to send items (and a more detailed list of what’s needed), we will post that information here and we can begin a drive.



Thu, June 20 2024 14 Sivan 5784